Heating & Air-conditioning


Simple to use, effective heating to hire for your marquee or venue.

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Zeus Patio Heater – 240V Electric
Code ZPH-02

  • Stunning contemporary slimline design
  • Ideal for indoor and covered outdoor spaces
  • Perfect in marquees
  • Uses standard 220v – 240v power supply

$150.00 per Day
$225.00 per Weekend
$300.00 per Week

Gas Heater
Code AR03

  • A practical alternative to a patio heater where ceiling clearance may be an issue.
  • Casts an approximate 3 to 5 metre circle of radiant sun-like warmth.
  • In-built safety features.
  • Flexible heat output.
  • Mobility wheels.
  • Height: 1.35m
  • Maximum output: 35MJ/h
  • Full 9kg Gas bottle included

$100.00 per Day
$150.00 per Weekend
$240.00 per Week

Code BZ01

  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Heat resistant paint finish
  • Radiated warmth approx. 3.5 metres in diameter.
  • Variable heat dial; heat output up to 10.5Wh
  • Full 9kg Gas bottle included with hose and POL regulator.

$70.00 per Day
$105.00 per Weekend
$210.00 per Week

Air Conditioning

Platinum hire have a range of climate control options for hire.

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Dehumidifiers Commercial
Dehumidifier: Commercial Heavy Duty, Ebac BD150
Code D002$POA per Day
Fan – Axial High Volume: 1HP Motor, 750cm dia. variable speed
Code F001$60.00 per Day
$110.00 per Weekend
$218.00 per Week
Movable Aircons
Air Conditioner: 10KW 3 Phase (M Cool)
Code A051
$POA per Day
Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioning has proven itself to be an economical method of providing additional cooling. It works precisely where and when it is needed the most to cool people or equipment. Portable coolers are quick and easy to install, they are simply wheeled in and plugged into a regular power point. They cool only the area that needs attention and not the entire room or plant.

Portable air conditioning units use flexible ducting and a temporary customer ceiling time to vent warm air into the ceiling space. Where this is not possible they can be vented out a window or door. Condensed moisture is collected in tanks or piped to a drain.